Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Everyonce in a while I get this real urge to create!! Ive had these old clothes for 2 years waiting to be made into memory quilts. Suddenly I say to myself...I'm going to DO this! and its FUN! Its made from sweaters and dresses. It'll be for one of the family to remember their nanna by. This one is for a friends wedding in England this summer. She wanted an English country garden...fun to snuggle into when it cold wet and gray mid winter!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


The Voyager Winery is such a nice place to wander around the gardens, and the shop! I found an umbrella with dragonflies on there!
Pete by the fountain!
Wine and nibbles by the open fire.
Following Pete on the road again!
Sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Lighthouses in West Australia

cool lighthouse!! Cape Leeuwin -WA. Tallest lighthouse on the mainland!
I met up with Pete in WA. We had a couple of days at Margaret River, checking out the light houses. Then we had a couple of days with David an Christine. Then headed up to Perth.
Cape Naturaliste light house.
Woodman Pt. lighthouse is just south of Perth. Its only half painted.
Pete in front of South Mole Head light at the mouth of the Fremantle Harbour and Swan river.
North Mole Head light house. They are painted red and green as Port and Starboard markers. SO.....thats 5 more lighthouses I have been to!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


My latest creation for Scout...a pr of lined overalls to keep her warm whilst squiggling around on the floor. The strawberry fabric is Cath Kidston. a good use for it!
some fun detail on the butt!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Circumnavigation update.

Peter's bike about to cross the Nullarbor plains!
He has arrived at Esperence West Australia - back to the sea. He has just been riding on the beach.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beauty in Disaster

A ravaging storm hit Newcastle area particulaly hard and the captain of this ship didn't heed the warnings. Now the ship is stuck in the sand on Newcastle's main beach. The seas have abaited and the ship has not broken up....thankfully its 700Tonnes of fuel are still contained! They are still trying to salvage the ship.

Its interesting how a disaster can turn to beauty. That is Nobby's head lighthouse to the left-at sunrise.
There is still hope.....

Friday, June 08, 2007

Lighthouse at the top of NZ.

I love to go and see lighthouses. Their structures are interesting, as are their positions.
Cape Reinga (re-inga) lighthouse is at the very top of New Zealand.
Caroline and me @Cape Reinga lighthouse.
Its a long way from anywhere!
Where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean - waves are moving in both directions and crashing into each other.
The most northerly tip of land on the island of New Zealand.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Discover NewZealand

Caroline and I did a road trip in the Northland of New Zealand. There are wonderful surpises and beautiful vistas around every corner....and there's LOTS of corners!!
Climbing to the top of the Great Dunes took more energy than I had....
We stayed at the family weekender on a point overlooking the beautiful Bay of Islands.
They are pulling old old Kauri stumps and logs out of bogs and using the wood. Here Caroline is sitting on a bench made from the diameter of one tree.
Tane Mahuta is Moire for "Lord of the Forest". Its awesome to see such old majestic trees. They are protected.
We had breakfast one morning by the Russel wharf. Checked out the shops too!
Sunset on Ninety Mile Beach.
Caroline skylarking on NinetyMile Beach. I love the sky colors and reflections.