Sunday, May 27, 2007

Whale Rock

Sunday avo, Chantel and I went for a walk in the bush down behind our place to visit Whale Rock. I wanted to introduce her to the bush, so close at hand. Two steps in and you would never know you were in the middle of the city. Birds abound there, cockies, lorikeets, whip birds, and this time I saw a little tiny thornbill. It just FEELS GOOD!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

...and he's off!

May 26th - the day of departure has come. Pete has packed all the necessities for the journey onto his motor bike. He is pretty excited about this trip - clock wise around Australia.

No passengers invited...some mates are riding odd days with him. Matt left Sydney with him, only about 3 hours south.

....and he's off....on another adventure. The thrill of the ride! 1st stop Bega.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peter turns 60!!

The cake!! His BMW motor bike! Fruit cake at Pete's request.
Cutting or shall I say, stabbing the cake!
some of the New Zealand guests, jolls and dippies.
more guests - there were about 70 people.
Chantel was a bar maid - here with her mom. We had SUCH a FUN night. We hired an imposter who acted as mc and kept everything going, and kept us in stitches of laughter! I showed a pp of Peters 60 years of life. That went well too. The caterers produce lots of delicious finger food and drink flowed. It was a cool night with no wind or rain, but I hired 2 gas heaters and they became the centre of people groups.
Wish you could have been here!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Scout in England

Welcome balloons! They provided fun for the whole 2 weeks.
Even Scout wore a facinator!!

Enjoying the woodlands and flowers, in comfort!

'Auntie Holly' and Christie.


9 and 90

4 Generations represented. Please excuse Oscars teeth, he hasn't brushed them lately!!
For Samuel life has only just begun (his mother may feel like 9 years is a long time....)But here he is with his Great Grandma who is 90 years. Her life could fill a book, if only she could remember it. Its wonderful that Samuel can remember his Great Grandma.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Isabella Plantation - Richmond Park

We were certainly in London for the purple flowers weeks of Spring!! Isabella plantation is simply stunning in the spring time. Azaleas and rhododendrons blooming every where. LOVED the bluebells.

Sally hiding in a field of bluebells

Enjoying the woodlands and flowers.

Sharon and Paul at the pond.

Cherry Brent and Scout

The Rhodes...Holly is wearing a poncho I knitted for her when she was 5!!

Our nuclear family - we had fun being all together...just like old times...goodness me, I must be getting old - reminicing about the old times..... ;)


The wedding venue - Langshott Manor. We all stayed the night and had breakfast together the next morning. certainly was convenient. Such a quintessential English place to have a wedding and to stay....delightful!
Back garden ...beautiful gardens and lots of spring flowers.
Sharon decending the grand staircase with her father.
The happy couple - Paul and Sharon.

The Cake had fresh raspberries on it. It was a delicious chocolate cake with layers of raspberry inside.
Eating the cake.
3 Mrs. Johnstons!!
Nonna did exceptionally well, and really enjoyed herself. She is 88!

The bride with her jacket on. The day was cool and rainy.

The groom!

Handsome little boys!! & big boys! They looked so good all dressed up!