Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Day

So this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun. And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun, The near and the dear ones, the old and the young. A very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, lets hope its a good one, with out any fear... That song says it all.... Christmas eve dinner: turkey and salads shared with family.
Reading the joke: what do you call a deer with no eyes? no idear
Scout's family!
He's a rockn' daddy!
Something to crow about!
Scouts first Christmas, lots of fun goodies.
Hope your having a fun day too!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

The SandMan~

So, the Christmas season is upon us. This hot dry country continues to follow the traditions of the early English settlers, with Santa Clause in his hot red suit, the reindeer pulling their sleigh over the hot red sand, or even the red-hot sand! and snowmen with fake snow falling on them!! But I see that the two ball shape of a being is not limited to snow!! This sandman is ingenius!! ~complete with his beach shovel, sunnies and aussie beach hat. I lovit!
May peace and joy fill your Holiday Season!


I flew to West Australia on Sat night spending 5 days there. I helped C clean in and out to get ready for visitors and Christmas. I didnt go there with the intention of working so hard. It was nice to catch up with family and some friends too. I love this unusual light house in Bunbury. I also love to watch the sun set into the ocean. ALSO I love to sip coffee watching the dolphins play in the bay! Bunbury is a pretty nice spot on the ocean.
This HaS to be a great winery with a logo like that!! I stopped on the way back and bot some wine and a bottle of olive oil...haven't tasted it yet, but I will look at the bottles if nothing else!!
Well, I didn't take any photos of the family, but this is Chris's cat: China. Shes a sphinx. What a cartoon!!

Little Girl in Blue

Scout's first Christmas experience of opening presents.
Enjoying Christmas dinner at Dunnetts.
Scout has such big blue eyes!! She looks so cute in the little "old" blue dress!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I love to hear

I love to hear your comments, and to know that you have stopped by to visit. Now I have made it so anonymous callers can comment too. That means you dont have to be a blogger to comment. just follow the cues. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Baby's Growing

Mummy-Cherry is besotted with her little girl! and she likes mummy best too.
Little miss big eyes....she's not keen to close them to sleep! She is getting very expressive.
Aren't they just the cutest little dimples you ever saw!! Watching a little being grow in an amazing thing. I'm in awe of the creation of the human body.
Little Scout is keeping her hand on mummy's heart!

Angel Rays

I have been reflecting a little on what Leslie meant to me.
I know I loved him as a little child but when I grew up, I hardly knew him. I felt uncomfortable in his presence but if someone criticized him, I very quickly came to his defense. They say that blood is thicker than water. We came from the same gene pool, we are family. This has helped me to understand just how strong family ties really are. So when I think of one of my family dying, I find it rather sad. It’s sad to think of my eldest brothers gone, and it seems incredible that there are only 4 of us left in our family. I have felt sad for mom too. She had enormous love for her eldest son, and she felt such a responsibility for him for so long. And then there are all his wives and his children to be considered.
But I thot of Les after his last accident: He claims he died and saw God. Since then he has oozed LOVE. He talked love, he showed love, his message to everyone was Love. Love is the great command of Jesus, and Love is the fruit of the spirit. Who knows, he might know more about LOVE than all the rest of us.
Good by Leslie…..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Road Trip to Mudgee

Knit one....I started knitting for Scout before we knew she was Scout. This jumper will fit her sometime in the next 5 years! AND.....its nearly finished!
"I love a sunburnt country..." This is more than sunburn. The mountains were on fire, the hills around Mudgee were on fire, the motel was full of firemen!! Airplanes and helicopters buzzed all day long. Luckily the forests regenerate themselves after a fire, but I wonder what happens to all the little animals? Where do they go for protection? I wonder if its harmful to your eyes to look at the sun thru smoke??