Thursday, December 14, 2006

Angel Rays

I have been reflecting a little on what Leslie meant to me.
I know I loved him as a little child but when I grew up, I hardly knew him. I felt uncomfortable in his presence but if someone criticized him, I very quickly came to his defense. They say that blood is thicker than water. We came from the same gene pool, we are family. This has helped me to understand just how strong family ties really are. So when I think of one of my family dying, I find it rather sad. It’s sad to think of my eldest brothers gone, and it seems incredible that there are only 4 of us left in our family. I have felt sad for mom too. She had enormous love for her eldest son, and she felt such a responsibility for him for so long. And then there are all his wives and his children to be considered.
But I thot of Les after his last accident: He claims he died and saw God. Since then he has oozed LOVE. He talked love, he showed love, his message to everyone was Love. Love is the great command of Jesus, and Love is the fruit of the spirit. Who knows, he might know more about LOVE than all the rest of us.
Good by Leslie…..


Anonymous said...

good for's hard to say good bye ...when I think of Les..I think of Edmonton days when he was building condos...the show suite was beautiful and ahead of it's time...he was young,handsome, charismatic and forging ahead. I didn't know him in later life, but my heart goes out to you...a brother is a brother. Interesting isn't it, that I have brothers, Ken and Les too. love ya, sh

Dragonflydownunder said...

Thank you SH, I appreciate your sentiments. Thankyou for all your comments. Its just fun to know you have been here!

Mary-Sue said...

good for you, finding some closure here and letting your heart grieve in whichever way it needs to. i feel the same way -- he became love after seeing God. that's pretty powerful to me. i love love reading you! love the photo too...