Monday, September 29, 2008

Scout turns 2!!

Do father and daughter look alike or what!?!?
Curious George cake
Fun with the ribbons!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just what we do!!

Its SO good to be home again, to the sunshine and big blue sky!! So fun to be on the water today! Fun playing with my little Scout!! fun to help auntie drive!

snug as a bug....its cold in the wind! Theres Sal and Lac in our little runabout.

Lac caught a fish!
peeko :)

My London Family

We had an evening all together before we headed for home.
Lac n Sal on the plane.
posy sisters

just HOW tall?? look alikes!
saying goodbye to uncle

mum and dad and 3/4 of the kids siblings
Holly family

head scratchers!!
3 men in a row

Mr. Snake!
airport farewell.... yes, thats us....with 16 bags!!

Canal boat fun

Long skinny boats on the canals in Wales....was such a fun weekend.
At night we just tied up to the bank. One at a time thru the locks.

Sharon was celebrating her 30th birthday.
Sal on the bridge crossing the valley in a viaduct

hanging on!!
All of us around the fire.
Me and Sharon
guess who was in the kitchen!!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Exotic Morocco tantilizes the senses!! The Medina - the old city- has not changed for a very long time. Such a contrast to brand new 5 star resorts popping up to cater for tourists coming for the sunshine! The general population are very poor, its a desert...and many people are farmers!
a tajine dinner in the Atlas mountains local bus service up the mountain road
rich colors in a park

Sally posing with the street vendors

a Berber hill top village Kasbah of Richard Branson!!

a museum rest spot
carved writing

a womens cooperative, cracking open seeds...
grinding them for the oil.
mint tea ceremony
working in the kitchen
lots of patterns in the museums

sweet stall
natural dyes and oils
rugs for sale
Pete noticed the butcher shops!
colorful pottery
and spices
roof top spa
also from the roof top...the mosque tower and the call to prayer which wakes you with a start at sun rise!! and then 5 more times in the day
little narrow streets...often crowded with humanity...and donkeys and motorbikes!
Where the locals shop for a new tajine!
or a floor cushion

or traditional slippers!
or exotic slippers!!