Monday, May 19, 2008

Mr.P's aging process!!

Scout was so excited about 'bumpa' having candles and fire!! and blow...
She also loved to 'see the night' with the full moon, the lights on the water, and the crickets!! We also saw a possum in the tree. There is nothing quite like 'seeing' thru the eyes of a child.
3 generations... so....he has been around the sun 61 times!! pretty good effort!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Collaroy Beach

Peek a boo! Breaky at the beach is such fun!! especially with a special spot for the little people! and all the sand you could want!

At the Deck, now called The View! with Kerry and Colin from NZ, Leanne and Cherry.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playing with Scout.

Where else would you spend Mother's day, but with your children...who ever happens to be around at the time. Brent cooked a delicious lunch for us. Cherry gave me some sweet scented narcissus to take home! I love flowers. Scout entertains us.... Dancing with Grandpa!
Before the park we went to the library for story time. When the monster scared the little boy and he wanted his mommy, she decided she wanted her mommy too! I managed to lure her back to the present with the anticipation of doing some cutting! we colored and cut out a mask.
The playground was good fun, wheeeeeeee.....down the slide. She is learning to interact with other children....or at least watching to see how they interact with each other...not always the best example! She has also decided to NOT look at the camera ~ or smile....but then she wants to see herself on the screen!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday babysitting

Scout and I played in the Botanical Gardens while mamma and pappa went to a musical at the Conservatorium of Music this afternoon. It was fun to watch the ducks, ibis, and moore hens around the pond. Then some pigeons and sea gulls came in to see if there was any food going...sorry birds. There were also bats squeeking around in the trees.
Here were playing on a sun dial.
then to Waggamammas for dinner of food!
and some for mamma!
All gone...when you can see the bottom of the bowl!!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Diamonds on the water

I love how the sunshine sparkles on the river. Such a perfect autumn day to be out on the water. After a yummy breakfast at Cottage Point we zipped over to Hallets beach. Upon getting comfortably perched on a rock in the shade, a goanna came along to see what food we had. I screamed to see him, even tho he was only small. It remined me that there could also be snakes and I felt too uncomfortable there. I found myself a rock IN the water..... This is the boat we are using at present.

Pete on a comfortable rock! - doing what he does best!

I really like my Italian leather cap! I've become a Red Hat lady!! (Thats Pete and the boat above my head!)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just a little Scout update!

Its such fun shopping for little girls clothes in France and Switzerland. Scout is wearing some of them here. Its so cute how she likes to try on clothes.....and shoes!! and hats..... little fashion queen!

Cherry, Brent and Scout came to stay for a couple of nights so we got to catch up with them. This was out for breakfast to my favorite Beehive. Little blue eyes...just as charming as ever!

AND...were home again...

A glorious sunny day at the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains. Pete and I drove up for lunch one day this week. There has been lots of rain making everything lush and green.
It was kinda nice to be running to our own adgenda....
A little village in Tuscany was known for its Alabaster....lots of beautiful things to tempt one...this is what came home with Pete! He's such a shopper!

....and....while I was away, I got my dining chairs re upholstered! Taj Mahal is the name of the fabric...much more practical than last time....I'm delighted with them.