Friday, May 09, 2008

Diamonds on the water

I love how the sunshine sparkles on the river. Such a perfect autumn day to be out on the water. After a yummy breakfast at Cottage Point we zipped over to Hallets beach. Upon getting comfortably perched on a rock in the shade, a goanna came along to see what food we had. I screamed to see him, even tho he was only small. It remined me that there could also be snakes and I felt too uncomfortable there. I found myself a rock IN the water..... This is the boat we are using at present.

Pete on a comfortable rock! - doing what he does best!

I really like my Italian leather cap! I've become a Red Hat lady!! (Thats Pete and the boat above my head!)


Mary-Sue said...

what fun to be on holiday with your hunny at SWR! love the photos to be able to picture you there!
and LOVE your red hat! red hats DO look great on you and i love the ones you choose!

Dragonflydownunder said...

THis is the Hawkesbury River in Sydney...were at SWR in 2 weeks!