Wednesday, January 20, 2010


well....what can I say???

I have a little namesake....and I am delighted.
Martha J Rhodes arrived 12:40 am Monday January 18th 2010, after a short labour @ home. Big brother Oscar was present and got to cut the cord.  He Loves his new little sister.  Sam and I were on the plane still 6 hours away.  Jeff and Oscar were at the airport to meet us.  Sam and Oscar were SO delighted to see each other.  Sam had been in Australia with me for 14 weeks.
Of course everyone wanted a little girl...but I think they were pretty clever or lucky to get one!!  Im sure she will be the center of the universe!!

8.2 pounds with dark hair, long arms and can decide for yourself  "who" she looks like...she's sweet!
There is a baby shower this weekend, so Im sure there will be lots of pretty little clothes.  So fun for Holly to have a little girl to "play" with!!