Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Time

I learned that a gingerbread house only lasts for 1 day in our humidity!! the windows have melted and the roof is starting to sag!!
The ever increasing Emmons family!
Gift time....Sam wasn't so enthused when he learned that his remote control vehicle was made of had to be built!! that is what he and Grandpa did for the next few hours!

Scout loves her new things!!

Oscar was the happiest!!! cute little green elf!

A real live blow up santa!! Sam in his fat suit was so funny !!

matching yellow bees...

the house that Sam built!


so what was YouR most memorable Christmas gift??

Complements to the chef!! we had GOOD food!!

Os taking the bee for a ride on his skateboard!

Checking out "coconut"!!

Holly!! the organiser of the J family christmas party. the kids dined in the tent.
AND I learned how to take a picture out of one frame and add it to another!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

time to trim the tree

Cool big decorations adorn the kitchen! Cherry organised to make cut out cookies for tree decorations. Scout helping to roll the dough. The tree looks pretty snazzy! wonder how long they will last with hungry boys around??

Scout had fun hanging red balls.


2 more days and Oscar will really be 8! We had all the family over tonight, so it was a good time to celebrate just himself. (sporting a new haircut!) ....and he got his tiger-ted!! he loves it!!