Monday, November 27, 2006


This is the family Rhodes camping in the New Forest, England,
done in fibre art - before it was finished. The dog had not yet been added here. I would love to see it framed!!
I did this class with and it was the most fun I have had for a long time. I learned so many new techniques in her class.
Recently I have been inspired to create some more pictures, and actually saved some of my old picture frames from the "throw out" this space!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Lighthouse

Fibre Art is new to me and I'm having such fun with it. Its helping me to think outside the square. is some inspiring reading.
The Hornby Light, South Head, Sydney is a small unique lighthouse with its red and white stripes. AND that is our sailboat racing to Hobart.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Good Morning Glory

There is something about this beacon on the hill that draws us back time after time. What is it about lighthouses?? I read once that "Geography is magical and the place to learn it best is near a light house! By the light house, the compass spins wildly and the air magnetises both the mind and the eyes." Smokey Cape Lighthouse is a magical spot on a head land the gives you great views of the sea...and its always windy there!

The Lifegaurd and His Momma

It was fun to have brekky with Sharon at The Deck on Collaroy beach today. She sure has packed lots into her 10 day visit. Great for her to live life down under for a few days.
Yes, they do have jackets on, but by afternoon we were sweltering.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving gets celebrated here because of the American influence. We are dining with Cherry and Brent and his mom! on Saturday. They are havesting fresh yummies daily from the little veggie patch. Its so fun for Sharon to have her first Thanksgiving ever in Australia and with her very first grandchild! Lots to give thanks for.


Aren't these just the cutest little legs you ever saw?? Enhanced of course by the cutest little 'mary jane' sox that I bot nine years ago for my first grand daughter! I have received 2 grandparent cards! my first! so others think its pretty exciting for us to have a little grand daughter too. It balances out the 2 little grand sons. We are very blessed.
Wide eyed little Scout is 7 weeks old. Its so rewarding to get a smile response from her.
Mamma Kangaroo with her little baby in the pouch!! so that makes pappa a kangaroo too! and he carries baby in the pouch sometimes. Wouldn't it be neat if the male kangaroo DID have a pouch to help out with joey?

Monday, November 13, 2006

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

As I don't have access to a picture (at SWRocks), I will try the words.
Every afternoon about an hour before darkness, first one comes, then hudreds of rainbow lorrikeets into the Norfolk Island Pines that tower over our balcony. What a cacophany!! They're all excitedly telling each other of their day's news and happenings. Then as amazingly as they came, they all dart into the nearby palm trees to sleep for the night.
I can feel the silence, then I gradually become aware again of the never ending dumping of waves on the shore of the restless sea.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WHoo are you?

WHo am I?? Thats something that is very hard to define. i am someone different to everyone.
Sometimes I wonder... anyway this is one rendition of me!! have a good laugh on me!

Ginko leaves of gold

Quilt Camp last weekend was such fun. I have teasured this fabric with the wonderful ginko leaves on for some time now. I actually found the lime green to accent it, last trip to Canada.
Yan helped me with the design - the interlocking boxes and how to place them so the whole thing got away from the semetrical look. I like the free look - that is what I am working on.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Scout watch

Little Scout is 5 weeks old!! She's rashy and a bit unsettled, but she's still gorgeous!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I love it when the Jacarandas bloom. It makes me feel like wearing their color. This Jacaranda tree in our back yard has flourished since the trees that were crowding it dissappeared. Its spreading into its new found space and flowering beautifully.
That feels like us in our house. Since all our kids have left, we are slowly spreading out into the rest of the house. It feels good and I'm enjoying the journey. Instead of rattling around in our 7 bedroom house, we are finding new uses for the rooms. One original veranda, sold to us as the 5th bedroom and was my sewing room for the past 26 years, will be returned to a veranda!! Thats quite exciting!! The bedroom where Paul and Sally started out as babies, and later became our office/library is going to become our dressing room and ensuite bathroom!!
SO I guess we will be staying here a few more years to watch the Jarcaranda grow!! ...and I WILL wear purple...