Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I love it when the Jacarandas bloom. It makes me feel like wearing their color. This Jacaranda tree in our back yard has flourished since the trees that were crowding it dissappeared. Its spreading into its new found space and flowering beautifully.
That feels like us in our house. Since all our kids have left, we are slowly spreading out into the rest of the house. It feels good and I'm enjoying the journey. Instead of rattling around in our 7 bedroom house, we are finding new uses for the rooms. One original veranda, sold to us as the 5th bedroom and was my sewing room for the past 26 years, will be returned to a veranda!! Thats quite exciting!! The bedroom where Paul and Sally started out as babies, and later became our office/library is going to become our dressing room and ensuite bathroom!!
SO I guess we will be staying here a few more years to watch the Jarcaranda grow!! ...and I WILL wear purple...

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cherry said...

i love what you have done and what you are embracing with your newly empty nested house. you are rockin' the casbah of your own space. you should post a pic of your great sewing room. so fun seeing other peoples 'studio's'. xx