Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dee Why Day

Knock Knock....anybody home??? Perhaps there is a fairy living behind this door in the tree!
Maybe we will just sweep around this tree...

Awesome storm clouds...

a phenominal 'twister' or funnel in the sea! I wondered what every one was looking at...pretty amazing.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

foto to fabric

The perfect postcard picture of the light house at South West Rocks...where we go for our holidays. I have been thinking for a while now about transcribing it into a fabric I finally just did it!! It was fun...a challenge...I'm quite pleased....and I might try it again sometime!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Taking a ride on the wild side....
after the library story time to day, it was too wet for the playground,
so we did the mall crawl. Garfield was a hit!

New Zealand

Leaving Sydney was interesting. You can see the two runways out into Botany bay, also being the body of water that we rode our bikes around recently. In the forground you can see the city, and the harbour bridge joining two shores.

Taken after Caroline's birthday dinner...she was cooling her heels!!

Posing with a tiki after sitting in the hot pools at Rotorua!

just letting off a bit of steam!!
we enjoyed wandering around the geothermals...a bit of sulfer here and there.

Off into the mist.....steam actually!

LOVED the yellow Ginko leaves!! Carpets of gold!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink day

Today was playday with Scout. We did the usual Library story time ~ theme was dressup thus the ballerina fairy!, craft-a crown, and then our cuppaccino ~ with 2 marshmallows now!! It was a glorious sunny day ...21.5C, so perfect for the beach...but we didnt have any swimmers!!

A sandwich at the playground, just so we can feed the crusts to the birds!

Scout is getting to know her new doll...shes got a name...Janie (Ithink) but Cedar LOVES the doll!

see any resemblance?? ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sally's birthday!

Autumn leaves are a feature of Sally's May birthday. There were lots of colorful crunchy leaves inviting one to play in them!!

my two girls and co were here to play.

Cedar and her pappa and mamma!!

Grandma and her new 'joe' clothes!

Are we smiling???

Who needs a mask?

Happy Birthday to you.... Scout talking very expressive with her hands !

last week in K town

Sharing a cuppa with Pedar.

Farwell my little mate! such a sweetie...

Playing at the park ~ sisters

Just a truckin along with her Omas!

Birthday gift time....I spent 2 days with Leah and her family...such a delight.


My Splendid friend Sharon ~Queen Super Spirited Sophisticated Sincere Strong Sensible Sixty.
Good friends behind the counter put on a fabulous dinner for 25 AND cake that couldn't be resisted. I took aussie party poppers to add to the fun and decor. Six girlfriends stayed together for a few days~ just doing what girlfriends do.....we talked and laughed and ate AND Shopped and had coffee out, we stayed up late and Slept when we felt like it...we even Sewed. We all went home with an eco bag, or is it a green was fun to sew anyway! Good Luck Sharon, with your new life chapter!!