Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink day

Today was playday with Scout. We did the usual Library story time ~ theme was dressup thus the ballerina fairy!, craft-a crown, and then our cuppaccino ~ with 2 marshmallows now!! It was a glorious sunny day ...21.5C, so perfect for the beach...but we didnt have any swimmers!!

A sandwich at the playground, just so we can feed the crusts to the birds!

Scout is getting to know her new doll...shes got a name...Janie (Ithink) but Cedar LOVES the doll!

see any resemblance?? ;)


Mary-Sue said...

what gorgeous photos! and what a lucky little girl to have her Gramma come and take her off on adventures with 2 marshmallows on top!!! funnnnnn!
so glad that miss yellow was well received :o) looks like blueberry eyes run in the family ;o)

cherry said...

gina is the miss yellow dolls name. cedar may end up taking full custody. i hope thats ok with the maker?! x

Mary-Sue said...

definitely! the doll is yours for however she fits into the family. lovely name! xo