Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Finished!!

Seventeen little quilts later....I am finished sewing Hug Rugs in memory of my mother. It has been a very theraputic exercise...there are still her white hairs on the fleece jackets that became little birds...watching the birds feasting in the birdfeeder at her window was such a joy to Mom. There are buttons and pockets ~ which could be complete with tissues and toothpicks! Every square holds a memory.
Its 6 months now since Mom died, and I have such peace, knowing she is at peace. So this is MY memory quilt. I backed it with the butterfly fleece that mom used, so I made it a little bigger with an extra boarder to fit. I use it on my bed.
Its been really good working with all Mom's clothes, but I am also really glad to be finished.

Dragonfly pie!

That pie was SO yummie!! The lightest pastry that dissolved in your mouth, not to mention the delicious apples inside! Chantel loves to cook, and we love to dine! little knight in shining armour ! Scout is coming with us, and her mumma, to Fiji, TOMORROW!! We are going to the islands for a tropical holiday ~ at a resort! Meeting up with Paul and Sharon too. funfunfun

Monday, June 09, 2008 well as the Queen's birthday....

It is also my first born baby - Bonni Angela's birthday. She would be 35years old if she had lived. Oh what could have been!
The same day 13 years ago, Carla's little Heidi died at 17 months. She had a heart problem.
Now Geoff and Bronwyn's little Edie is turning 2!
June 9th....a day to remember.

Who's that??

Scout came to visit on Monday (holiday). She was wearing the gorgeous little outfit I bot her in France last year. Its felted wool with fun circles. She had fun trying out the masks!! - so did Grandpa!!
Hats are always a hit!

or ear muffs!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Out with Scout!

Scout seems to be growing and developing in leaps and bounds!! She loves to go to the library for story time....the best part is the craft!! cutting and pasteing! Fun at the playground too!

mamma and mini-me!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

First Day of Winter!!

Winter!! We've had a couple of weeks of glorious weather ~ so perfect for the seaside. Tranquil would be a good word for describing this spot!
Beautiful sunsets
great bike riding on the wall awesome reflections

great views solitude
a lighthouse
& a drink by the river to watch the sunset.