Saturday, April 28, 2007

Budapest weekend.

2 consequitive 3 hour nights wasn't a good start to my weekend in Budapest, but I did have a great time there. Its good going back to a place a second time, I seem to see more and be more relaxed as its a bit familiar at least. I loved spending time with Rachel. We tried out the Gellert baths in a very old hotel, very beautiful. The best part was sitting by the Danube, watching the sun set over the hill and castle and church spires. Then as the night set in, lights came on and turned the place into a fairyland. There were musicians playing in the restaurant, and the Hungarian food was good. It was a lovely warm evening for April. Loved the perfum of all the blooming flowers, especially the abundance of lilacs. Lilacs in every color and everywhere, all along the rail way tracks, hedges between fields, front yards. Even people selling them....from God's garden....that means they stole them!!
Back in London now....have bot bikes and took the boys for a bike ride along the tow path of the Thames river. lovely.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mumsie is 90!!

ME an MC?? Never!! But it was quite fun and I seemed to do OK!!
Sam played his viloa for us.

Holly, Sam, and Oscar came to Canada for the family reunion attached to grandmas 90th birthday. So fun to see them here.

Ïs'nt my mummy just the cutest little 90 year old there ever was!! We had such a good party on Sat. with lots of family and relations coming to honor her. Great to catchup with them all too.
Today was the actual date, and we had lunch with her at the nursing home, with a cake and some balloons too. Mum always loves to see family.

Friday, April 06, 2007


I love fibre art.
This is the Santa Cruz lighthouse, being the place where Cherry and Brent met.
I make the pictures to fit recycled frames. Fun when they are 3d and I can add shells.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bunny Bunny!!

I know the Easter bunny!! and she is coming to visit me!!
We're enjoying a quiet Easter at home.

Garden of the Purple Dragon

"The moonlight reflected off his scales in a way they had never seen before. The tips of the scales were glowing with a new iridescence, like the feathers of a peacock. They gleamed green, red, white, black, and yellow. All the colours shimmered, even the black, which flashed like polished ebony. The dragons cried out in wonder. Ping couldn't believe this magnificent creature was her own little dragon."
"A dragonfly balanced on the surface of the pool. Its slender legs were blood-red. Its long thin body was a startling blue, like a splinter of sunlit sky that had fallen to earth. The insect had two pairs of delicate wings crisscrossed with black veins. Each wing was marked with an eyespot. It could have been a precious jewel dropped by a princess. The dragonfly's wings whirred and it took off. It buzzed to a reed, and then from a reed to a rock."
~Carole Wilkinson

3 candles

The dragonfly's lacy wings and the reeds glow in the 'candle' light. Its a mood light with a difference! Dragonflies ARE special!!