Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mumsie is 90!!

ME an MC?? Never!! But it was quite fun and I seemed to do OK!!
Sam played his viloa for us.

Holly, Sam, and Oscar came to Canada for the family reunion attached to grandmas 90th birthday. So fun to see them here.

Ïs'nt my mummy just the cutest little 90 year old there ever was!! We had such a good party on Sat. with lots of family and relations coming to honor her. Great to catchup with them all too.
Today was the actual date, and we had lunch with her at the nursing home, with a cake and some balloons too. Mum always loves to see family.


Andrea said...

And aren't you just the cutest little daughter!

Anonymous said...

The photos didn't work in Australia! Looking forward to seeing them too. JJ

Anonymous said...

The photos worked tonight and they are great. You all look to be having a lovely time. JJ

Anonymous said...

Your mommy is the cutest and so are you and the boys! You look good as an mc! sh