Monday, June 09, 2008 well as the Queen's birthday....

It is also my first born baby - Bonni Angela's birthday. She would be 35years old if she had lived. Oh what could have been!
The same day 13 years ago, Carla's little Heidi died at 17 months. She had a heart problem.
Now Geoff and Bronwyn's little Edie is turning 2!
June 9th....a day to remember.


Mary-Sue said...

Oh Marti! What could have been... My heart aches when I think of all you lost... A day to remember, for sure!

Leah said...

wow! it sure is a day to remember. Also my nephew Josh's 11th birthday. I didn't know Geoff had an Edie. Troy's bro's twin daughter is Edie. Hope you're having FUN in Fiji! Can't wait to see photos!