Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Lighthouse

Fibre Art is new to me and I'm having such fun with it. Its helping me to think outside the square. is some inspiring reading.
The Hornby Light, South Head, Sydney is a small unique lighthouse with its red and white stripes. AND that is our sailboat racing to Hobart.


new rhodes said...

Mum, this quilt art looks soo good! This lighthouse at South Head is definitely one of my favourites - I love the strips. Your picture is so brilliant. It reminds me that I have one of us in my cupboard that I need to hang up. I think I will do it this week, so it gets lots of compliments at the party this weekend! You can have holidays in lighthouses over here, we should do that sometime! xx

Anonymous said...

marti, what an amazing job you did of this...looks so real. You are having fun aren't you?? sh