Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WHoo are you?

WHo am I?? Thats something that is very hard to define. i am someone different to everyone.
Sometimes I wonder... anyway this is one rendition of me!! have a good laugh on me!


Mary-Sue said...

oh my gooooooodness! that is amazing! LOVE this!!!!!
it DOES give me a good laugh! love your ginko quilt too. absolutely gorgeous! but THIS is incredible. wow! love the lilacs and sweet peas and the laughing eyes! fabulous!

Leah said...

that is gorgeous, at first I didn't realize it was a quilt, but something done on the computer! It really does look like you! Where are you going to display this one, is it for Pete? ;)

new rhodes said...

WOW!! Mum, this is so amazing. I love it - it is soooo you! - What a perfect self portrait. When you are finished with it I want it (even just for a while, to put in my room). THIS is exactly what my Mum is for me. xx Keep showing us all your wonderful creations!!

SRJ said...

hehe! mumo thats so funny! love the hair! xx