Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Playing with Scout.

Where else would you spend Mother's day, but with your children...who ever happens to be around at the time. Brent cooked a delicious lunch for us. Cherry gave me some sweet scented narcissus to take home! I love flowers. Scout entertains us.... Dancing with Grandpa!
Before the park we went to the library for story time. When the monster scared the little boy and he wanted his mommy, she decided she wanted her mommy too! I managed to lure her back to the present with the anticipation of doing some cutting! we colored and cut out a mask.
The playground was good fun, wheeeeeeee.....down the slide. She is learning to interact with other children....or at least watching to see how they interact with each other...not always the best example! She has also decided to NOT look at the camera ~ or smile....but then she wants to see herself on the screen!

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Mary-Sue said...

What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day! So glad to hear! and SEE!!