Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Peter turns 60!!

The cake!! His BMW motor bike! Fruit cake at Pete's request.
Cutting or shall I say, stabbing the cake!
some of the New Zealand guests, jolls and dippies.
more guests - there were about 70 people.
Chantel was a bar maid - here with her mom. We had SUCH a FUN night. We hired an imposter who acted as mc and kept everything going, and kept us in stitches of laughter! I showed a pp of Peters 60 years of life. That went well too. The caterers produce lots of delicious finger food and drink flowed. It was a cool night with no wind or rain, but I hired 2 gas heaters and they became the centre of people groups.
Wish you could have been here!!


Leah said...

Happy Birthday U. Pete! Glad to hear the party was lots of fun. The cake is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

looks like the party was a huge success! happy belated birthday u.pete! great to see all the recent photos on here.

Mary-Sue said...

WHAT a fun party!! good on ya! LOVE the photo of Pete. He looks so cool... The NZ guests look a bit mafia-ish? he he