Friday, May 18, 2007


The wedding venue - Langshott Manor. We all stayed the night and had breakfast together the next morning. certainly was convenient. Such a quintessential English place to have a wedding and to stay....delightful!
Back garden ...beautiful gardens and lots of spring flowers.
Sharon decending the grand staircase with her father.
The happy couple - Paul and Sharon.

The Cake had fresh raspberries on it. It was a delicious chocolate cake with layers of raspberry inside.
Eating the cake.
3 Mrs. Johnstons!!
Nonna did exceptionally well, and really enjoyed herself. She is 88!

The bride with her jacket on. The day was cool and rainy.

The groom!

Handsome little boys!! & big boys! They looked so good all dressed up!


Anonymous said...

It looks the most beautiful wedding. Have been anxiously waiting to see the pictures.JJ.

Mary-Sue said...

YAY! NEWS and photos! Love seeing you all looking so happy and what a beautiful wedding! Lovely! An English Wedding. sounds and LOOKS like a movie! and you, my dahling, look AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place to have a wedding and the couple. stunning!!! love the sea foam green marti. :o)