Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lighthouses in West Australia

cool lighthouse!! Cape Leeuwin -WA. Tallest lighthouse on the mainland!
I met up with Pete in WA. We had a couple of days at Margaret River, checking out the light houses. Then we had a couple of days with David an Christine. Then headed up to Perth.
Cape Naturaliste light house.
Woodman Pt. lighthouse is just south of Perth. Its only half painted.
Pete in front of South Mole Head light at the mouth of the Fremantle Harbour and Swan river.
North Mole Head light house. They are painted red and green as Port and Starboard markers. SO.....thats 5 more lighthouses I have been to!!

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new rhodes said...

Wow, for being the tallest lighthouse on the mainland, it looks pretty damn small!! =)
What a fun time you had.