Thursday, June 07, 2007

Discover NewZealand

Caroline and I did a road trip in the Northland of New Zealand. There are wonderful surpises and beautiful vistas around every corner....and there's LOTS of corners!!
Climbing to the top of the Great Dunes took more energy than I had....
We stayed at the family weekender on a point overlooking the beautiful Bay of Islands.
They are pulling old old Kauri stumps and logs out of bogs and using the wood. Here Caroline is sitting on a bench made from the diameter of one tree.
Tane Mahuta is Moire for "Lord of the Forest". Its awesome to see such old majestic trees. They are protected.
We had breakfast one morning by the Russel wharf. Checked out the shops too!
Sunset on Ninety Mile Beach.
Caroline skylarking on NinetyMile Beach. I love the sky colors and reflections.

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