Thursday, October 19, 2006


It's funny how kids love it when you go away, because they KNOW you will bring them some gifts having more than one birthday or Christmas in a year. My grandkids are the same. Oscar's daddy is here in Australia for less than a week....for his grandmothers funeral and a quick catch up with family and the mentor office. Oscar thinks his daddy is bringing him home a teddy! I had told Oscar last time I was with him, that I would make him a teddy sometime. So I guess if my grandson expects me to produce a teddy...I had better do it. Its taken me 2 whole days to make a teddy out of a kangaroo hide! Why oh why did I choose leather to sew with??...its such tough stuff. But its SO soft and he has turned out cute!


Mary-Sue said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! i can just feel how soft he is! gorgeous! good for you for just knuckling down and getting him done!

new rhodes said...

oh yeah, he looks lovely, can't wait to meet him. Just so you know, it was me keeping you to your word! Oscar knows nothing about it - he just asked his Dad to bring him home a teddy...this will be very special & thank you for working so hard on it! leather!? crazy lady. xx

cherry said...

he looks great! very australian and original. i hope the dog doesn't have any kangaroo chasing in its blood?! another project down. nice work ma. xx

new rhodes said...

well Oscar has probably only put this bear down once or twice since he got 'im - Kanga currently lives inside Oscars shirt, against his belly, keeping each other warm. Os is wrapped, to say the least. We are all very careful to make sure Kanga is not left to play with Christy! And of course I love telling everyone that my MOST talented Mum made him AND he's made out of real kangaroo fur - the later doesn't always go down very well...what!? you killed a kangaroo to make a teddy!? hehe
ps. I am working on updating the kids blog - am up to august.