Friday, April 04, 2008

Renaissance Italy

After a bit of a false start...I did arrive in Pisa, Italy! Lots of statues there...even of a pidgeon! Florence was very interesting...this is the Duomo on a bluesky day.
Pete took the boys to the top of the Duomo!
The oldest bridge...with gold shops on either side and a walk way across the top.
This little pig went to market....
Neptune's fountain
home of Pinnocchio

street art
Perseus with Medusas head!
Holly with Florence in the back drop
with one of the 'david's....the original marble 'David' is awesome!
Oscar and Sam surveying the river.

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Jo said...

Great to see a posting or two here at last and know you are alive and well. Looks as if you are having a fun time. When are you coming home? J.