Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Don't you just love Paris in the springtime? Paris is charming anytime really! The Eiffel Tower is such an icon in the day time and in the night it twinkles on the hour!
Holly and Jeff joined us in Paris. The kids were so happy to see their parents again. We had been gone for 10 days.
Yes, it rained....but rain makes for good reflections!
Mr O found an earring and had fun wearing it for a day...then fell apart. I think his front tooth has grown in more since we have been with them!
Paul and Sharon joined us for the weekend in Paris. Good memories of a fun family dinner here ~good food, good wine.
Pete and I at the Sacre Couer on Montmartre. It was fun to just hang out there for a while, after shopping the flea markets! The gorgeous Sharon...she looks like a model here! and she has this fabulous felted jacket!

Happy hugging Stitch! The Fountains of Versailles only flow on Sundays. Pete and I have been there before, but it was so awesome to see the fountains functioning this time. Versaille is quite the place.
Pete likes structured gardens...also at Versailles.
then it was back to London....

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