Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun with the Grandkids!!

Euro Disney was a great adventure for the boys. 2 whole days of exciting rides... rides that pull your face out of shape!! Space mountain was one too many for me! Pete and Sam went off and did some more adventurous things. Oscar was keen to see Stitch!
Blast from the past.....Candy~yes, apples ~ maybe with a bit of persuasion! but not Candy Apples!! I ended up eating the boys apples! I like Chicken Little....'the sky is falling, the sky is falling'!
The person in here couldn't be any bigger than Oscar! I probably liked seeing the Disney characters more than the kids are not so into Disney, there are so many other characters around now days.
me and Mike!

Sam plucking a hot air balloon out of the air!
In Switzerland the boys had a 2 hr snowboard lesson. They got the hang of it by the end of the day. a bit of a challenge!! This is Sam trying the jump. Oscar going up the lift.

Scott has this cute little GoKart and the kids got to try it out at the local army base. They had a blast on it.
Oscar got to drive for the first time and did really well.
Doing a bit of train travel was fun. Its such an easy way to get around.

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