Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

So this year we get a bonus day!! We often feel that there are just not enough hours in the day....we get an extra 24!!! what do we do with it?? what magic can we conjure??

This is the sequence of the sun set over a period of half an hour. Such a dramatic change can happen in such a short period of time - all so stunningly beautiful. From the amazing Angel Rays to the golden yumminess of the setting sun, that orb that seems to sink over the edge of the earth, and then the afterglow!! It has charmed folk from time immemorial...a red sky at night is a shepherds delight.

We are in constant change....metamorphosizing - from a babe, to a child, to an adult and then to an OLD person!!

There is beauty in every stage of life...

Right now we have such a freedom to do what ever we feels quite powerful really...just as long as our bodies dont give out on us too soon.

So with that extra 24 hours this year I will take note of the extra things that I can do that make a difference - just show up like magic!

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Mary-Sue said...

what a BEAUTIFUL post! love the images, both physical and mental! thank you!