Thursday, August 02, 2007


The day I arrived in England, there were heavy rains and flooding. We had to walk thru a couple of inches of water to get out of the terminal. Here, we drove thru a flooded tunnel getting out of the airport. Two weeks later, the Thames river is still rushing and flooding with each high tide. Paul and Sharon from the 4th floor of the Tate Museum....right next door to where they live. That is the Thames and St Pauls in the back ground.
My fav pic of St. Pauls by night. I am always thrilled with what my little camera can do.
Holly's 33rd birthday - sporting some of her gifts!!
Oscar Sam and Holly - helping mummy to celebrate!

Sally took a jewlery making course, and she made this ring and gave it to me!! IF you click on the pic and make it big, you can read what she wrote on the ring. Sally and Lachlan. They are still enjoying travelling, and are in Morrocco this weekend.

Oscar sporting one very loose tooth right inthe middle of his mouth. It sure doesnt seem to want to come out.
Having the sulks, from under the table! Gorgeous ripening pears.

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Mary-Sue said...

LOVE the photos
Love the ring!!!!!
love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!