Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picnic rug

Paul wanted a picnic rug big enough for 2 or 4! Lightbulb moment....perfect place to use the squares that he sewed together on my new over locker when he was about 12! He quite liked my new piece of machinery! so I cut him the squares and every day after school he would sew squares to make a strip or 2, and then sew the strips together.
Pauls room was decorated in flags at one point, so the flags come from his flag bed cover.
All perfect for his picnic rug~filled with childhood memories!!


Mary-Sue said...

you're SO clever! include his old chess set or some checkers -- better yet, some bottle caps (2 different kinds) of his favourite Aust. beer to play checkers on when he's out picnicking!!

new rhodes said...

I LOVE THIS! hehe, It is so cool, that you had kept that stuff from when he was little. As soon as I saw those flags it made me think of him. He'll love it too.