Friday, March 02, 2007

Lighthouse touring on Kangaroo Island

Ghost on the cliff! Jose and I had a fun filled 2 days cruising the island to see the light houses. We found a neat craft shop, the odd coffee shop, great lunch stops, and lots of laughs!! we ate a bit of dust too! LOTS of wild life here ~ birds galore, kangaroos, wallabies, goannas, possums, seals...lots of road kill.
Cape Willoughby light. Kangaroo Island was often the first land the sailing ship encountered when they came out of the roaring forties that drove them across the bottom of the world.

The 'contemplation seat' is a memorial to aboriginal women brot here years ago, as slaves to the men.

....and we found Homer Simpson set in stone!!


Mary-Sue said...

fun to see the pics! i see a giant pig humping the rock, but can see how you see Homer, too. ha!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful! we're thinking of you and hope your day is really truly special.
so much love,
m-s, A, P & BR

new rhodes said...

what fun! travelling is so good - glad you had such a good time.