Monday, March 05, 2007

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is very beautiful with its rugged cliffs and turquoise waters. Its been dubbed 'one of earth's last unspoilt refuges'....except for the famers of course! Lots of wildlife. Its in the Southern Ocean and gets the Roaring Fourties, so this is where many of the early sailing ships ended up...some of them crashed against the cliffs. The light houses were very important beacons.
A rare square lighthouse - Cape Borda.
Brave Ladies!
My friend Jose Symons "posing" with the 'naked ladies'!! Thats what we call these amazing lilies that poke their way thru harsh ground with no leaves and no water.


A Red Hat Lady!! I love the red cap on the top of this light house and the natural stonework.

This is Cape du' Couedic lighthouse. Its on the southwest corner of KI.

We hung out at Admirals Arch and watched the New Zealand Fur Seals for quite a while.

Remarkable Rocks ~ truly remarkable!! Such a fun holiday!


Mary-Sue said...

wonderful photos! so fun to get to see a peek at your birthday holiday! so glad you went...

new rhodes said...

I'm loving those lighthouses! It looks so beautiful. We have a photo of me sitting in the SAME rock! from 10 years ago! - that was the holiday where Samuel was made!