Sunday, February 04, 2007


8:13 was the rising of the full moon. I jumped on my bike and raced down to the point to watch the moon rise. It was cloudy...why is it always cloudy when ever I get the chance to see the full moon rise out of the ocean?? So the full moon was up 20 min before I got a glimpse of it thru the clouds. On the second night of the full moon it was much more spectacular!! The moon light makes this amazing silvery ripples on the water....i would like to try to repllicate them on to fabric. It will be a challange.
The tides are extream around the full moon. Our bodies being 98%water are subject to the pull of the moon too. its a good excuse to be a little crazy!! Ooooowwwwwwwoooooo!!!!


Anonymous said...

We saw the full moon risin over the Thames from Kew Bridge, like a huge hunk o' orange cheese. It looked so fab!

Put the 30th June in your diary - its a BLUE MOON!! (2nd full moon in one month - only happens once in a ....)


m-sue said...

we're big on full moons over here, too. kids and i went out sledding about an hour before the moon came up. so it snuck up on us and A saw it first and let out an excited whoop as the enormous sphere came up over the hill... spectacular. we continued to speed down the driveway at top speed in the moonlight, making crazy moonshadows across the snow... bliss!

lacansal said...

hehe funny mummy, jumping on yerbike and speeding down to the waters edge.
love that picture in my head

Lisas healthy solutions said...

i am an aussie too!!!
did you know there was a comet on that night and it was positioned a little to the left of the should have been able to see it.
it was called comet mcnaught.
great blog too by the way..
i hope you check out mine too!