Monday, January 29, 2007

What Color is Water?

The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the color of the ocean is magnificent!! I would like to be able to describe it so another could truly see it in the minds eye! To say it is blue, a rich deep irridescent blue, navy blue almost cobalt, to a seabluegreen, green, aqua - is inadequate, as it draws me to want to be near it, to absorb it, to really feel that color. Its so calming~ even tho the sea is restless, the wind is fresh....and what is within that sea is another story. Today there are bluebottle stingers around and little bitey sea lice. The salt can be very healing to the skin, but too much is detrimental. There are little mackeral swimming around, and maybe lurking in the deep some big sharks!! But what color is the water? Take it out of context and put some in a glass bottle and it has no color!! So just let me sit and watch ~ feasting my eyes on that indescribable color of the sea!


lacansal said...

mmmm, definatly beats a grey london sky!

new rhodes said...

i agree! it sounds delectable!