Sunday, October 25, 2009

SWR fun

Sam had only been here for 2 days and we headed to South West Rocks for a weeks holiday.  Such fun we had.  Sam was so enthusiastic at seeing familiar things and new things. One day we saw humpback whales breeching out to sea, and not long later saw a sting ray jump out of the water and fly along. Very exciting stuff.  We did some fun bike rides out to the wall, and to the gaol, and to our favorite lunch spot near there.  He saw his first snake...a dead one on the road.  There were lots of kangaroos around, some with joeys poking out of the pouch too.  Sam is really enjoying bike riding.  He also went fishing with Grandpa in his little boat a couple of times, catching lots of fish, learning the names of the different types of fish...but none of any size.  He brot one home to eat.  John Brass came up for a couple of days, and he brot the power kite.  It was very exciting for Sam, as it lifted him off the ground, and made him run along with it. He did a face plant one time.

We drove along the beach and stopped to watch a fisherman pulling in a big fish.  There was a whole school of Pacific Salmon not far out making the water look black with them.  Pete borrowed the guys rod and pulled one in!  They're good for the sport and good for bait, but not so good eating.
Lots of good fun 'men' things happening!
Sam did some book work each day, and were reading the first Harry Potter book too.


Mary-Sue said...

oh SO SO good! i really enjoyed reading this post. made my heart feel full and joyful! what great days you're all having together! FANTASTIC!!!

cherry said...

making good memories and great experiences. sam looks so content. love the picture of the fish and dad. classic! x

Mary-Sue said...

didn't realize how much i love the pic of you and Pete together. would love a copy of that one!