Friday, August 07, 2009

more fun with the kids

Oscar on fireworks night. Kid just love toplay with fire!

jumping into Lac Lemon

sam on a flying fox

Oacar in the treetops

toothpick people!!
mont blanc- we had such a good view

Thorny Ossie

sam has caught up to me!!


Mary-Sue said...

oooooh! so fun! love seeing your travels this way... thorns on Os's face -- how did they stick? love that pic! and did Sam do the splatter painting on his t-shirt? and look at you, looking so thin and gorgeous! love the necklace!!!
so the boys got headlice whilst in Switz? what a shocker for them, hey? bet they love their shaved heads! the adventures in the trees looks like such fun! and the leaping into the lake! that's been our summer activity too!

SRJ said...

Whhaaaaat! I can't believe how tall Sam has gotten!!! Wah! I wish so much they were going to be out here this summer. Even Lachie keeps saying how much he'll miss them not being out here. :(