Sunday, July 19, 2009

Phun photos contest

1. Disney Character - Genie from Aladdin

2. Someone in Uniform - NSW policeman

3 . A work of Art-my own fibre art!
4. Unusual lettering
5. A Hat

6. Native tree - wattle
7. Bug

8. Library books

9. Sign in 3 languages - my garbage can lid - English, Chinese & Korean
10. Foreign money- colourful Australian notes
11. Pool - one for me and one for the birds
12. The colour purple - going for a walk

13. Window - my front door
15. Fruit - a strawberry on a picnic
16. Sport - jumping off a high platform in the lake
17. Sky - angel rays

18. foreign license plate
19. Height

20. Music - singing happy birthday!
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Amy said...

The bug and sky pics were my favorite. Nice work!

Jen said...

well done, well done! Love to see your part of the world in photos! :)
Thanks for your participation. I've just posted a note about how and when we'll pick a winner... stay tuned!

alexa said...

Thanks for joining in, Love your colorful money and your bug... and great shot for music!