Friday, April 10, 2009

Bike Ride

When I said I needed to start doing some longer rides in preparation for our France biking trip in Aug. I anticipated starting off with 30 to 40 kms. This one was 56 kms. By 40ks I had had enough...but its good to push thru whats comfortable and win!!
We rode from Homebush Bay to Botany Bay and back. As you can see a sunny-bluesky day! Being at Brighton leSands was like being in another city, or even another country! I had never been there before...lots of Greek restuarants so likely lots of Greeks. We shared a seafood platter 3 ways with our friend Julian who came with us. Delicious!! Botany Bay is right next to the airport and has a runway out into the middle of it. If you make this pic bigger you can see an airplane just about to land.
The spa tonight was very welcome....its a feel good day!


Saige said...

I admire you for biking. I just don't know that I could do it. Of course, its been years since I've been on a bicycle, so I'm a bit afraid of not having any balance.

Andrea said...

Wow! Good for you... feeling woefully out of shape around here. I biked only a few km's the other day and it about killed me!

Mary-Sue said...

Hey! Good on ya! You're looking great too! Great attitude!