Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Back to roots. The Beef Tub, an area where the Johnstons were cattle rustlers!! We also checked out Moffat where the Johnstons originated.

Meet Olena and Reg Stuart....genuine Scots! We enjoyed their hospitality, and experiencing their little corner of Scotland. A day spent on Arran Island was delightful. Robert Burns - the poet- rates pretty high there...Reg was reading poetry to us in his Scottish brogue!
a druid stone...its been standing for thousands of year.
walking up the valley boats in the harbour

one BIG house...better known as a castle!


Saige said...

Oh how beautiful! My sister went to Scotland a few years ago, and she said there's something about it that just felt like she belonged there (we have Scottish roots as well). I'd love to go one day myself!

Dragonflydownunder said...

Hello Saige....I hope you get to go one day. There really is something special about going back to your roots!