Saturday, April 26, 2008

More of Italy...such a fun place.

Finally I have access to my own photos. 10 days in Italy was awesome. Such an interesting, comfortable place to be. People were so friendly and helpful. I was watching the boys run around, while Pete was shopping!! and I saw myself in this mirror...I thot it would be fun to snap it!! Cool leather cap hey! Mr High Energy...just hanging around! He was always bouncing off the wall one way or another.
I had heard of Cortona...maybe from an old movie? Seeing it on the map made me think it would be a good place to go. It s half way up a hill, while most cities are right on top of the hills, AND it was snowing there! Going into these small villages, one has to park outside and walk in and usually UP. We were always looking for a place for a coffee and to warm up!

We flew in and out of Pisa, so HAD to go find the 'leaning tower'...did you know that its the bell tower for a church, and it started leaning while being built? It has been stabilized now, and you can go up small numbers. We didnt have time to wait. Nice blue sky day!
'David' from a different angle and the light of the morning sun. The real David is in a museum well protected...Quite an awesome sight. Florence has a few copies of David around the place.

Sam getting a cartoon picture of himself done. Oscar sat for one too. They were pretty funny pictures.
Me me!
My favorite picture of the boys...being friends and chatting about what is down below.

As I said....Peter went shopping. He loves bronze this is his latest aquizition! a Faun...a mythical creature.

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Mary-Sue said...

SUCH fun photos! What an adventure you four had! Thanks so much for sharing. I just love seeing all the fun you get into!
Where are you now?