Friday, January 04, 2008

My Mother

Last night I lit a candle for my mother. Her body is of no use to her and I pray for her to go on to all she has lived for all her life...but it just hasn't happened yet. It is SO hard to know my mother is lying there, deteriorating, wanting to die....please let it be soon. I know there will be a huge hole in my life when my mother is gone, but that is the order of things. The ONLY definite in life, is that we will die. I also feel the weight of being the older generation once my parents are gone. Its pretty special to have a mother, and with her demise, I realize more what it means to be a mother.

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Mary-Sue said...

that's so beautiful and so powerful, M. Your mother loves you SO much. You're very very special to her. when she dies she'll be with you even more. You'll feel her strength pouring into you...
i love you