Tuesday, July 10, 2007


MarySue and I had 3 days at Harrison Hot Springs in the mountains from Vancouver. It was quite magical there. We had some good spa pampering, loved the natural hot pools, some great shopping!! and just "being" in that great vista.
A REAL sand castle!!
Amazing sand sculptures! A real racoon tried to join us in the hot pool, or maybe it just thot we were his well washed food!

We went out on the wharf on the lake to wait for the BLUE MOON to rise over the mountains. It seemed to rise awfully slow...must have been tired from rising for the second time in the same month. We were so happy to go back to the hot pools to warm up. Harrison Hot Springs comes highly recommended. It was such a fun start to my trip.

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Leah said...

glad you had such a great time there! Aren't the sand castles amazing? We saw them last year, and it's hard to believe they're made out of sand!