Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lady in Red...

The QM2, the largest cruise ship on the seas, attracted lots of attention!! The city was buzzing...people on every vantage point, car chaos, and the harbour was a flurry of boats. It was quite an exciting evening out on Denis' boat. A matching pair of queens!!

Crowds of passengers on deck to see the much smaller sister ship - Queen Elizabeth 2 come into the harbour. Its was amazing for them both to be here at the same time.

The QE2 on its way to Circular Quay.

The night ended in fireworks. Was so fun, as we ended up right underneath them, quite by accident, but it gave us the best view ever. Fun fun!


Leah said...

that does look/sound like fun! How long is Sally home for? I'm sure she's thrilled to be home for a visit. I'm looking forward to getting out onto the water a little bit when we go to Cabo (in 3 weeks!!), I very rarely get the chance to here.

new rhodes said...

oh, it looks so fun and exciting. Reminds me of when we saw Lady Di and Prince Charlie on the big cruise ship in 1988. Such a buzz!