Friday, January 19, 2007

Life Saver

mmmm...yum! a lifesaver with fun. so is floating 'round the pool. I tried it out with flippers today. It gives more resistance to the muscles and tricks them into thinking they have done some work! so half an hour walking in! While I was trying not to watch the clock, a big white cockatoo flew over and a feather floated free from him. I thot he was leaving me a gift, but the breeze caught it and it floated upward and away. It looked so beautiful. It reminded me of the begining and ending of Forest Gump.


Andrea said...

what a great image!

Mary-Sue said...

yes! i love the photo! and the post. good for you for walking on water. he he
love the feather floating. i think that was a DEFINITE sign of how much lighter you're going to feel from your efforts...