Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Keep your p out of our 'ool!

All my sewing buddies came for lunch today. Being school holidays, there were as may kids as adults. They all had a wonderful time in the swimming pool. Its SO warm ~ 31 'C . I got my swim after everyone had cleaned up and left, and Pete came home from a motor bike ride. 'Twas heavenly!
Everyone is keen to start sewing, so we should have something to show soon. as soon as I finish my holiday....we have 2 weeks at SWRocks coming right up!


lacansal said...

ohhhhh! i can't wait to come home to that!! yummmeee!

Anonymous said...

hee hee! that's too funny. tell them the water will turn green right around them if they pee. that's what someone told me when i was little. it worked until the little scientist in me had to do some research... i was SO relieved to be able to pee in water after that! hee! but i promise i'll keep my P out of YOUR ool. xoxo m-s