Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Friday 13th !

It has been so interesting reading about the history behind the superstition of Friday 13th being bad luck. There was one time in history when it was good luck to be married on Friday 13th!! My parents were married on Friday 13th October 1938 and after all...they had me!! so there must have been some good in it!! That was 68 years ago....and NO.....I am not 68!!
I stayed home all I wouldn't have a car accident and end up in hospital? no, so I could get some work done. We had a party for two in the spa tonight to celebrate. I don't we have to know what we are celebrating? there will not be another Friday 13th in October until 2017. I dont think my mom will live to see it. So I guess I was celebrating her surviving 68 years since being married on Friday 13th.

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Mary-Sue said...

FUN! so cool that you researched it. i remember reading that too, that it was once lucky! i had forgotten that Gma&Gpa were married on Friday the 13th. hee! and yes! how VERY lucky to get you! and my dad! and me! hee!
love reading you...