Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Home Changes

My Sally moved out, and this has become "guest room 2" New lights being installed next week.
My sewing corner - a works in progress. See the new wood floor.
This is the library, on the opposite wall to the workstation.
I love my new workstation in my new den. Its all custom made.
The view of the kitchen from the sunroom had changed for the better! Love the mocha walls.
The stairs look very nice with the carpet just running up the middle.

Fun things have been happening at my house. The kitchen turned white and I love it! It makes the black granite work tops look quite stunning. The chickens and roosters are congregating in one area, and the blue plates are not so crowded.

  1. New brown carpet with a boarder running down the hall makes big changes.


new rhodes said...

WOW!! It looks so awesome. It must feel great too. -H- x

SRJ said...

double wow!

Mary-Sue said...

YUM! LOVE it! so fresh and bright and lovely! i love the mocha walls with the white trim too -- looks like MY house! hee! huge wow on the kitchen. that's what I want! How did you convince your husband to PAINT WOOD???
love your work area. looks so good! is the library/den upstairs or down? or is that where it used to be just white and bright and beautiful? so fun to read you and share your life here! love love LOVE that you started this blog!!!

Dragonflydownunder said...

Thanks everyone, it fun to find you in my pond! I have mentioned painting the kitchen white a few times over the past couple of years. Initially it was shock horror, but just this time, He suggested getting new doors, and I said why not paint it happened. We got all new hinges and sliders.
The new den is the old guest room down stairs, the room closest to the kitchen, where you slept-MS. The old den will become an ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom.