Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013

Rogue turns 2

Good weather for a fire lunch

Cedar loves leopard print!

Grandpa heads off around Australia ~ again.

Vivid Sydney Light Festival

May 2013

Sally turns 30!

Paul and Sharon home to stay!
Gold theme!

Kids back from America, trying out the party stuff!

so happy to be home

bike riding 

Autumn display

Peter another year older!

new BBQ

April 2013

Getting the thrill of the ride with grandpa.

we rode the Rail Trail

fun biking with my friends

flower sculpture


March 2013

Pete and I head to Victoria for some adventure and my birthday

lots of bike riding

cape Ottway

Great Ocean Road

More lighthouses

Port Fairy

all clipped!

City ride

helpers in the kitchen

To Troys graduation in Queensland

February 2013

Party time

Brent's birthday
Scout has a broken collar bone

Giving brother a ride
A walk in the woods

Scout lost her first tooth - more attention needed for the rest!

busy boy

birthday girl

a walking umbrella


so huggable

an armfull of grandies

lots of pool fun.

January 2013

the BiG Duck at Darling Harbour



Rogue - wouldn't they just melt your heart?

Emmons touring Tasmania

Cherry in Tassie


the beach


Big seas at South West Rocks