Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cruising Sydney town

Easter Monday was the perfect blue sky, no traffic day to ride around our city!
We drove our bikes to North Sydney and rode onto the Harbour Bridge from there.
It was so exciting to be riding our bikes across the bridge for the first time!

a bikes only lane

I have seen Luna Park from the water many many times, but first time from this angle.  I love it!

You can go almost anywhere on a bike, around and under the bridge, along the wharves, its so light we can carry up or down stairs.  We could explore places we have never been before.  
Cruising around the Rocks area.

We went to the back side of the Opera House and tried to go thru the Botanical Gardens, but it said no bikes allowed.  Love the texture on the sails from this angle.

When you do the turn around thing on the iPhone, it makes everything turned around, so the Opera House is on the wrong side of the bridge!!

Down to the point at Lady Macquarie's chair.
The classic view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

First time I have sat on Lady Macquarie's chair since Troy and Cherry were in Grade 5!!  I was showing Troy around the city before he went back to Canada.

View from the chair is Garden Island where the navy boats come for repairs. 
Mrs. Macquarie used to come here to watch the sailing ships coming into the harbour!

Hyde Park fountain

Sydney Tower

Just like Europe...if we were IN Europe we would be taking photos of neat old buildings and fountains just like this!
There are lots of bike paths around the city, making it safe and a very enjoyable experience.  We will definitely be doing this again,  there is lots more to explore!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fun in the Sun!

 Retro night!!

Ahhh Fiji!  what a week!!